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Terms and Conditions

Most people try to write down the recovery phrase very carefully, but it can happen that a word is not readable anymore.
The software I created runs a list of thousands of words in combination with your words from the recovery phrase, looking for the right combination.
But the difficulty level increases when more than 1 word is missing.
In general I ask 50 Euro (Bitcoin) before I start.

Problem Level 1
If you type 1 word wrong or when you lose 1 word from your 12 or 24 recovery phrase and you know the position of the word. (Position I mean: word number.)
It is 99.9 % sure I will find it back, the difficulty is not very high, even thou it is still a lot of work.
The cost are 10% of all your funds of what is in your wallet when I am able to open it, this I will sent to my own Ledger before I give you back the 90%
Loss of 10% is not much, sometimes Bitcoin drops 10% in price it's not much difference.

Problem Level 2
When you loses 2 words but you know the position of the 2 words, the possibility to find it back is almost impossible.
2 words means more than 4 million possibilities
The cost are 25% of all your funds that are in your wallet when I am able to open it, this I will sent to my own Ledger before I give you back the 75%.
The chances I will succeed are very small, but when it's about a wallet with a lot of money in it, It's also worth the effort to work on it.

When the position (number) of the missing word is not clear, it's not possible to find it back, even when it is about 1 missing word.
By 3 or more missing words it's not possible anymore, 3 words missing and knowing the number (position) means over 8.5 billion possibilities.

E-Mail & Telegram information
First contact me please.
Do not send your 12 or 24 recovery phrase in 1 e-mail!

Wat you have to do:
1 ~ Send me by e-mail the first half of the words of your Recovery Phrase and the positions by number, example below, from your computer or laptop.

2 ~ Sent the other half of the recovery phrase as a message with an other device, like your smart phone.
So that if there are hackers they only have 50% of the word seed and they can do nothing with it.
On my side I also use 2 different devices.

From the two devices I read the words and type it in manually on another more secure computer.

3 ~ Write in the E-mail, What type of coins are on the ledger or Wallet, for example: 2.1 Bitcoin, 20 Litecoin, 1000 XRP.

4 ~ What type of wallet you use, for example: Ledger nano S. or Excodus or Coinomi.
Also explain to me if its about an Altcoin wallet, for example: Cardano Daedalus Wallet.

In this Example above: word number (position) 24 is not readable.

On the basis of the information I will first assess whether I think I will succeed.
If it is achievable, I will send you my Bitcoin address for the payment of 50 Euro.
After this payment you agree to the terms and conditions on this website, I will go to work for you.
If you have another proposal, this is of course also negotiable!

I am an entrepreneur and started this website and service to help people.
To get costumers you need to be honest and open.
That's why my domain name is my family name; you can track me by my name on the internet who I am.
When people give you a good name, this will lead to success and that is my goal.

Device-1: Telegram, Tel & Whatsapp: 0031614553477
Device-2: E-mail:

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“Sometimes Bitcoin drop 10% in price, not much difference than the reward I ask!”